The Bocq quarry at Dorinne (Yvoir)

The Bocq quarry (formerly called Carrières des Nutons), is based in Namur Province. The company works two blue limestone (pierre bleue or petit granit) quarries, namely,

  • Chansin quarry along the Bocq stream at Durnal-Spontin and
  • Trou des Chats quarry at Dorinne (Yvoir).

This stone is unique in Belgium.  It differs from the other blue limestones on a number of scores:  its bluish colour, certain concentrations of crinoids and fossils, and the dark blue-black colour that it takes on when polished.

The stone is dressed in our workshops at Dorinne (Yvoir) for use in building, decoration, and ornamentation.  Its applications in buildings and construction work, both inside and out, are legion.

Our stonecutters

Our stonecutters are the keystones of our quarry’s activity.  They are the ones who give life to all our projects and account for each piece’s unique appearance.  The stonecutter’s trade calls for a long learning period and apprenticeship to acquire the technical mastery, dexterity, and finesse that are needed.  Beyond these technical considerations, the stonecutter also has to embrace a certain philosophy in order to be able to give life to unique and remarkable pieces.

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